DOE Remote Learning Grading Policy Update

Dear LMC Families,

The sudden transition to remote learning has been challenging for all members of our community.  This transition has forced the DOE to update its policies around attendance, technology, and even grading.  Grades are one way to measure students’ level of performance on state learning standards.  At LMC, grades are composed of academic and work habits standards, and students are given multiple opportunities to show their growth from September to June. In the latter part of the year, we measure student growth through teacher feedback, independent performance on the Measure of Student Learning (MOSL) exams, and collaboration on end of year group projects in Art, Social Studies and Science.  We would normally use these ongoing assessments, but now we are not able to. This updated grading policy takes into consideration the inequities brought on by remote learning and the emotional impact on students and their families.  On April 28, the NYC DoE released it’s grading policy (English, Spanish, Chinese).

What does the DoE grading policy mean for the LMC Community? 

*Updates are now in red.

1. The current grades in Jumprope, LMC’s online grading system, reflect students’ academic progress towards learning standards from September- March 11th and their most recent work habits progress.  These grades will be visible on the student’s end-of-year June report card to reflect the final marking period.


2. Additionally, the end-of-year grade for each course on the student’s June report card will be one of these three options: MT (meeting standards), N (needs improvement), or NX (course in progress).   Marks of “MT” or “N” mean that the student passed the course in June. Marks of NX means that the student will continue the course during the summer.  Parents of students at risk of earning an NX will receive a notice from the Administration during the first week of June.

  • Course in Progress (NX) defined as: There is insufficient information to determine whether a student has met the standards. Please note that Grade 8 students who receive an NX in one or more core subjects (ELA, math, science or social studies) are mandated for summer school.* 


  • Needs Improvement (N) defined as: The student has been performing far below grade level expectations throughout the school year, with little or no progress through the end of the year,  as evidenced by a cumulative grade of below 70%.


  • Meeting Standards (MT) defined as: The student has demonstrated mastery of critical content and skills or has shown sufficient progress to be ready for the next grade level, as evidenced by a cumulative grade of 70% or higher. 

3. This final mark includes cumulative data (Academic and Work habit) from September through June. 

4. The June Report Card will include comments to indicate student effort that exceeded standards throughout the academic year.

5. Algebra Students:  Students in accelerated (high school level) courses must receive an NX in place of a failing grade in alignment with the policy for grades 9-12.  Both N and MT are considered passing grades for the purposes of conferring accelerated course credit.

Updated Equivalence Scale of Marks Used to Award Grades

LMC Jumprope Outcomes

Course %

Year End Mark

3.7- 4.0 



3.0 – 3.6



2.3- 2.9



2.0- 2.2



1.9 – 1.67



NE – no evidence



Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions about the grading policy or submit a question of your own at LMC Grading Policy Questions – Parents.  I will continue to update the Questions and Answers document. 

Thank you, 
Shanna Douglas