After-School & Athletics


  • Manhattan Youth After school begins on Monday, September 18th and ends at 5:30 pm daily.
  • How do I register my child for afterschool?  You can register by using External page symbolDiscover DYCD website, External page symboldownload the application online or request an application from the main office.
  • What programs are offered, and how can I access them? You can view what classes are offered to students by accessing the External page symbolschedule.
  • When do classes begin?  After School classes begin on September 18th

LMC partners with Manhattan Youth to produce a dynamic and comprehensive after-school program. Students in our after-school program build Lego robots, act on stage, dance ballet, modern, and hip-hop. They make movies, learn to touch up digital photography, and write for the school newspaper. Many of our students compete on LMC teams including: step, mathletes, flag football, basketball, soccer, table tennis, fencing, baseball, track and field, volleyball, badminton, and cross country. We also teach students how to code, write music, and play instruments.

Our after-school program takes place Monday-Friday starting right after school until 5:30 p.m. The program is free for all students who participate. Some of our athletic teams require uniforms, which would be the only cost for students.

After-School Links

Daily Schedule

After-school activities begin directly after school. Students have 15 minutes during snack time to gather their things and get what they need for after-school. Snack is provided in the cafeteria. Students who do not check in with an after-school staff member by the beginning of the first activity session will not be permitted into the program. Students may not leave the building between the end of the school day and beginning of after-school. Any student who leaves the building will not be permitted back into LMC.

Monday & Wednesday 2:32 – 3:00 3:00 – 4:25 4:25 – 5:30
Tuesday & Thursday 3:17 – 3:30 3:30 – 4:40 4:40 – 5:30
Friday 2:32 – 3:00 3:00 – 4:15 4:15 – 5:30


If you know your child will be absent from after-school, please contact the LMC Manhattan Youth Program Director. LMC after-school activities fill up quickly, and there is often a waiting list. If a student is repeatedly absent from an activity without a note from a parent/guardian, they may lose their slot. If a student wishes to change their schedule or drop any or all after-school activities, a request must be made in writing by a parent/guardian. Students must not simply stop coming to activities.

Contact Info

Rodney Sanders

Program Director
212.766.1104 ext. 202 (Office)
917.565.7196 (During After-School Hours)

Athletics – LMC Bulls

LMC has a wide variety of competitive sports teams, including our Division Champion Basketball Team! Our teams compete with other NYC middle schools on a regular basis. At the end of each Away game, all players will return to and be dismissed from school, unless permission is granted from parents and/or guardians in writing. Sign up for LMC teams is through the after-school registration.


(September – November)

  • Basketball Clinic
  • Dance Team
  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Girls Volleyball


(November – March)

  • Boys & Girls Basketball
  • Dance Team
  • Table Tennis


(March – June)

  • Baseball
  • Dance Team
  • Track & Field
  • Ultimate Frisbee

After-school and Athletics Registration FAQs

1. What date does after-school begin?
After-school begins early September. It’s possible that we will have some sports tryouts before then, but that will be communicated with you beforehand.

2. Can my child only select one club? 
Yes and no. If your child is only interested in a club that happens during the early session, that’s fine. However if your child would like to participate in a late club they must participate in an early club as well. Additionally, when you are registering your child online, you will not be able to view or select a late club without already having selected an early club. Students may sign up for 1, 2, 3, 4 or all 5 days!

3. What if my child does not make a sports team but they would still like to attend after-school during that time, can they just select any clubs? 
We will have tryouts for all sports on the first occurrence of the sport. If your child does not make a team, they will be able to select another club to attend. You can email Rachel your child’s second choice to place them in if they do not make the team.

4. How do I view/select clubs? 
To view clubs and their description on our registration page, click on the club. To select this as your child’s club choice, select the circular “radio” button. Your child’s club choice will not be recorded until you’ve selected the radio button.

5. I’ve just received the automated email with the clubs I selected for my child and I selected something my child did not want to participate in. Should I just register them again?
No- please contact Manhattan Youth and let them know what you’d like to change from and to; as long as there is still space in that club, adjustments can be made.

6. I selected the clubs for my child but I never received the automated email with the club choices. 
There are three possibilities for this one. Please note that the automated email is sent from “Formsite” which may have gone to your Junk/Spam folder, so be sure to check those. If it’s not in there, you can call or email Rachel to see if the registration went through; it’s possible you typed your email incorrectly. If the registration isn’t visible on MY’s end, then you did not fully complete the registration process. If you’ve closed out of the tab you will have to start from the beginning. All incomplete registrations will be deleted at the end of each day.

The online registration process includes your child’s information, tryout selection (if applicable), club selection, and contact information.

7. What other information will you need after we’ve completed the online portion of registration? 
You’ve completed the online portion and you’ve received the automated email. In this email it will have follow-up instructions, including a link to our consent forms and health forms. Once all of these documents have been received, your child’s club choices are confirmed unless. Sports teams will be confirmed at the conclusion of tryouts.

  • All consent forms must be physically signed; electronic signatures will not be accepted.
  • Health forms filled out over the summer will be accepted. Additionally, if your child’s health form is not due to be completed until later in the school year, the most up-to-date one will also be accepted.
  • For document drop-off (consent/health form), you may scan/email them to Rachel as a PDF (pictures of the documents will not be accepted) or, they can be dropped off at the LMC main office.