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Grade 6 Trip to the NY Aquarium 2024

The 6th graders this week ventured to the NY Aquarium to learn about about the animals that live in the water.   They were able…Read more

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LMC Musicians performing at Carnegie Hall 2024

Nola, Daisy, Hugo, Eliza, Chiara, Sean, Ellie, Ty, Samir, Maverick, and Matthew performed on the main stage at Carnegie Hall tonight as they were…Read more

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Math Night 2024

Oh what a what a mathnificent night! There was so much fun in the air as families and students participated in the different grade…Read more

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PS Art Semi-Finalists 2024

Congratulations to the semi-finalists on PS Art 2024.  These pieces of Art work will move to the next round of judging as it will…Read more

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LMC Bulls Manhattan Championship Team 2024

The LMC varsity team won their Manhattan championship game this afternoon.  Their next game will be for the city championship.  Stay tuned!…Read more

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7th Grade Fairview Lakes Trip

To have a great end-of year bonding experience in June with their classmates in the great outdoors at Fairview Lake. This overnight trip is always a special moment in their middle school years.
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8th Grade Pocono Valley Senior Trip

To celebrate your child's middle school achievements and to have a great end-of year bonding experience with their classmates. Overnight trip to Pocono Valley Resort for seniors
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8th Grade Senior Dues 2024

Payment can be be made online by clicking on the link below for senior dues.
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