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English Language Arts & Humanities

ELA at LMC reinforces and supports students’ development in literacy. We use experiences in genre study, class discussions, independent reading, literature circles, and writing workshop to strengthen literacy skills and to promote a desire to read and write. The sixth grade integrated Humanities course focuses on how students can learn about themselves and their communities by studying the past. In seventh grade, students explore how literacy inspires them and how they can inspire others through the sharing of their reading and writing lives. By eighth grade, students are ready to investigate the power of words and their impact on contemporary society. The year focuses primarily on issues of social justice. Our graduates leave with the skills necessary for high school as well as a love for reading and writing that will last a lifetime.


At LMC, our goal is to help our students think more critically so that they become better problem solvers. In addition to improving their ability to calculate, students are making predictions, explaining their thought processes, and justifying their ideas. Students also evaluate each other’s work so that they become more reflective about their own. With a variety of hands-on activities, projects, and technology, we seek to inspire greater appreciation and confidence in every learner.


In Science class, we teach our students to better understand their everyday world through the lens of scientific thinking. To do this, we relate the subject matter directly to students’ lives and surroundings. We push students to think like scientists using the scientific method and to explore their world. We emphasize hands-on experimentation and inquiry-based projects. Our students design projects around topics that interest them, such as exploring the effects of surface friction on skateboard speed down a ramp or examining the effect of gender on baboon behavior. We round out our curriculum with regular field trips to scientific institutions in New York City, such as the NYC Aquarium, the American Museum of Natural History, and the NY Hall of Science.

Social Studies

Social Studies at LMC is an inquiry-based curriculum in which students use the historical method as a means for researching and understanding the scope of US history. The integration of non-fiction reading and writing skills, along with skills for primary source analysis and evaluation, allows students to become critical and reflective thinkers. Hands-on projects are incorporated throughout the 7th and 8th grade curricula, and highlight key research skills as students explore topics of interest, thus deepening their knowledge and appreciation for history. Eighth graders complete an exit project in their last semester.

The Arts

LMC ARTS Studios are a multidisciplinary approach to the arts emphasizing practical application of creativity in everyday life. Fostering a sense of community and collaboration, LMC Studios focuses on developing each student’s confidence through authentic expression.

LMC Studios is comprised of 4 disciplines: Dance, Digital Art, Music, Visual Art. Modeled after a traditional conservatory program, students receive foundational instruction in each discipline in 6th grade, and then specialize in a studio for their 7th and 8th grade years. Collaborations are encouraged and included within all studio curricula. Work is exhibited regularly throughout the year including large-scale presentations.

Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) & Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS)

At LMC we work hard to meet all of our students’ needs. Students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are served by one of two models: SETSS (Special Education Teacher Support Services) or ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching). SETSS teachers work with students in small groups to address specific academic needs such as reading, writing, math, or organization. In the ICT model, general and special educators collaborate to meet the students’ needs in an inclusive classroom setting. The Special Education Department strives to help each student reach grade level standards and to ensure that our classrooms are places where diverse groups of learners can thrive.