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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JumpRope?

Jumprope is LMC’s online standard-based grading program.  You can access it from the LMC homepage or from this link.

How do I login?

Follow the link for Parents & Students above.

  • click the option "Sign in with Google." 

Display showing where to click on page Sign In With Google

  • in the pop-up window, enter the student's DOE Google email (ending in @nycstudents.net), click next

Prompt page where students type in their DOE Email

  • enter the students's DOE Google email again
  • enter their password for their account (They will know their password), click Sign In

What is the difference between “Academic” and “Work Habit” outcomes?
  • Academic outcomes are based on state standards but written in student friendly language. They count for 67% of a student’s final grade.  
  • Work Habits are important skills for success in school. Take a look! LMC Work Habits Rubric They count for 33% of a student’s final grade.
How do I know what my child is missing?

There are two ways to see what your child is missing. First, when you login, there is a tab called “grade alerts.”  This tab shows the missing assignments for each class. You also will see if something is missing when you look at the “Current Grade” tab and click on the subjects until you get down to the assessment level (if that doesn’t make sense, just keep clicking the little arrow icons until you find an assessment). If an assessment is missing, it will be marked with an “M”. If an assignment is missing and cannot be made it, it may show as a zero.

How often is JR updated?

Teachers update Work Habits in Jumprope at least once weekly and Academics are updated at least once every two weeks (Gym is the exception as there are far more students.  Gym updates every three weeks).

What is “Decaying Average”?

In short, Decaying Average is a way of averaging a grade that rewards students for improvement.  It weighs new assessment more heavily than old ones so that students are rewarded for learning.

What does the 4 point scale mean and how does the scale translate to numbers or grades??

For Academic outcomes:  4 = above grade level, 3 = at grade level, 2= below grade level, 1 = far below grade level.

(For example, a “4” for “can use evidence to support an argument” means that the child is ABOVE GRADE LEVEL on that skill)

For Work Habit Outcomes:  4 = Always, 3 = Mostly, 2 = Sometimes, 1 = rarely  0 = never

(For example, a “2” for “Completes homework on time” means the child SOMETIMES completes homework on time)

How does the 1 to 4 scale translate to number or grades?

Conversion Scale

JumpRope Scale 100 Point Scale JumpRope Scale 100 point scale
4 100 2.7 80.5
3.9 98.5 2.6 79
3.8 97 2.5 77.5
3.7 95.5 2.4 76
3.6 94 2.3 74.5
3.5 92.5 2.2 73
3.4 91 2.1 71.5
3.3 89.5 2.0 70
3.2 88 1.9 68.5
3.1 86.5 1.8 67
3.0 85 1.7 65.5
2.9 83.5 1.67 65
2.8 82 Below 1.67 55 – failing

What if I can’t login?

If you are unable to login to JumpRope, try using a different browser. JumpRope works best on Google Chrome, and though it should work with any browser, there have been times when Safari and Firefox have had trouble logging in.  You may have to update your browser to the most recent version for JumpRope to work. If changing the browser doesn’t work, email Ms. Douglas.

Where is the attendance?

LMC does not currently use JumpRope for attendance purposes.

What if my question is not answered on this list!?!

Please email Ms. Douglas.  Chances are, if you have a question, others do as well. We are new to this program and would love your feedback on how to improve it.