Through our school advisory program we enhance our students’ personal connection to school. There are three primary roles that our advisory program plays in our school:

Advisory Team Meetings

Three times a week LMC students meet with their school advisor at the start of the day. Our goal through advisory is to build connections within this small group between students and between students and their adult advisor. These connections create opportunities for great discussion and learning on topics facing our middle schoolers as they grow into young adults. Together we discuss friendship, organization, stress, diversity, family, and service to community.

Student-Led Conferences

To make the most of their learning opportunities middle school students must clearly understand the goals their teachers have set for them and understand their ongoing progress toward these goals throughout the school year. Three times a year students lead their parents and teacher through a rigorous review of their academic progress toward curricular goals. These conferences take place in partnership with each student’s advisor who is knowledgeable of the student’s progress in his/her academic coursework.

School-wide Community Days

Every month our students and faculty participate an LMC Community Day. At the start of year we use these days as opportunities to continue building friendships. Through the middle portions of the year each advisory develops and participates in community service projects. In June we come together and celebrate all that we’ve accomplished through the year. Community Days are great days for everyone and opportunities for the making of important middle school memories!


Students at Fairview Lakes

Day and Overnight Trips

At LMC an extension of our advisory program are our team building and curriculum supporting grade-wide trips. We start in 6th grade with a day trip to Fairview Lakes. In 7th grade we branch out with an overnight trip to Frost Valley. To bring our Social Studies curriculum to life, 8th graders travel to Washington D.C. for a two night tour of our nation’s capitol.