We set high expectations for our students

Using the Common Core Learning Standards as our guide, we plan our curriculum units using Understanding by Design to establish final outcomes for students and work backwards to fill in the steps needed to ensure that students reach these goals. Students’ progress toward these goals are tracked by teachers, students, and parents using our online, outcome-based grading program JumpRope.

We provide our students with extensive feedback on their learning

It is imperative for students to clearly understand the academic expectations we have set for them in the classroom. As school-aged children grow, schools play a key role in not only teaching content and skills, but also helping students develop learning behaviors that will enable them to take more control of their learning and advocate for their needs. As teachers we help students develop this independence through regular and clear feedback on their learning.

We believe in education for students in a diverse classroom

Our students serve as an incredibly rich resource for one another in the classroom. The incredibly diverse LMC student body creates opportunities for children to share their skills and learn from each other’s experiences. Our teachers facilitate classrooms that are highly flexible in which groups of students are formed to promote collaboration, as well as focused skill building and learning extensions. Diversity is one of LMC’s greatest strengths and our dynamic classrooms are led by our dynamic teachers.