Faculty & Staff


SHANNA DOUGLASPrincipal |  sdougla2@schools.nyc.gov

Shanna Douglas has spent the last 17 years teaching English Language Arts in middle school, and 5 of those years were spent at LMC as an 8th grade teacher.  She earned an undergraduate degree from Pennsylvania State University and a master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University. Ms. Douglas strongly believes that schools should be a place where academic, social and emotional learning takes place. Her favorite middle school novel is To Kill A Mockingbird.

KATHY HSIEHAssistant Principal |  Khsieh2@schools.nyc.gov

Kathy Hsieh moved to New York City in 2007 to make the switch to teaching after working as a journalist in upstate New York. For the past 12 years, she has taught middle school English in District 2. Ms. Hsieh is Chinese American and her family is originally from Taiwan. She grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia, and eventually attended Penn State University, New York University, and Hunter College. Ms. Hsieh loves being an educator because she gets to learn alongside students and watch them grow and question the world around them. 

INGRID TACINELLI,  Parent CoordinatoriPetrovitchtacinelli@schools.nyc.gov

CYNTHIA SAVINO,  Community Coordinatorcsavino3@schools.nyc.gov

MARIA OURANITSAS,  School Secretary  |  mouranitsas@schools.nyc.gov

Arts & Physical Education Department

CAPRICE ABRAHAMDance + SETSS cabraham7@schools.nyc.gov

ALBERT BARBOSA,  Physical Educationabarbosa@schools.nyc.gov

LAURA DEL ROSSAMusic Teacher  |  ldelrosso@schools.nyc.gov

JULIAN ALBINO,  Physical Educationjalbino@schools.nyc.gov

JESSICA SINCLAIRDigital Arts |  Jsinclair2@schools.nyc.gov

GRACE LEEVisual Arts |  ylee34@schools.nyc.gov

Humanities, ELA & Spanish Department

CAT ACEVEDO8th Grade Social Studiescaceved3@schools.nyc.gov

TREVOR BAUMGARTNER7th and 8th ICT SS |  tbaumgartner3@schools.nyc.gov

SUSAN DAVILA7th and 8th SpanishSDavila12@schools.nyc.gov

JUNELLE DEMAREST,  601, 602 Humanitiesjdemarest@schools.nyc.gov

STEPHANIE FELT601, 602 Humanities ICT sfelt@schools.nyc.gov

MATT HERZFELD801, 802, 803, 804 English mherzfeld@schools.nyc.gov

LAUREN MATYOLA 701, 702, SETSS and Literacy Coach |  lmatyola@schools.nyc.gov

MADISON MCCONNELL701, 702, 703, 704 English |  mmcconnell5@schools.nyc.gov

LAURA CEPHUS701, 702, 703, 704 Social Studies |  lsiegle2@schools.nyc.gov

JACQUELINE TENAGLIA603 / 604 Humanities Jtenaglia@schools.nyc.gov

RAFIATU YAYA-LAMBORDI801, 802 English  |  ryayalombardi@schools.nyc.gov


Math & Science Department

AMANDA SCOTT ,  7th Grade Scienceascott27@schools.nyc.gov

GABI HERSZAGE601 Math and ELA gherszage@lmc896.org

ELAINE CHIN801, 802, 804 Math  |  echin@schools.nyc.gov

HELEN DOLE6th Grade Sciencehdole@schools.nyc.gov

MAURA GRIFFIN8th Grade Science ICT + REWARDS MGriffin@schools.nyc.gov

NOEL KIM601 / 602 / 604 Mathnkim3@schools.nyc.gov

SHELLEY GOLD701 / 702 / 704 Mathsgold9@schools.nyc.gov

DAVID LAI601 / 602/ 603 MathDLai2@schools.nyc.gov

PETER REITZFELD,  701, 702, 703 Mathpreitzfeld@schools.nyc.gov

KATHRYN TRIANO6th Science ICT, 7th Grade Science ICT, SETSS ktriano@schools.nyc.gov

JESUS VARGAS801, 802, 803 Math  |  jvargas50@schools.nyc.gov


Support, Special Ed. & Counseling Department

CESARLINA AVILES,  ELL Teachercaviles@schools.nyc.gov

CARLOS COBO,  Paraprofessionalccobo@schools.nyc.gov

TYRELL DAVIS,  Sports Coach and Paraprofessionaltdavis40@schools.nyc.gov

RIZZAH DECOPAIN,  Speech Therapistrdecopain@schools.nyc.gov

RACHEL GUTIN,  Related Services DepartmentRGutin@schools.nyc.gov

ISABEL IWACHIW,  Related Services Departmentiiwachiw2@schools.nyc.gov

SETH KRITZMAN,  School Counselorskritzman@schools.nyc.gov

TIFFANY MELENDEZ, ParaprofessionalTMelendezz@schools.nyc.gov

TENEQUA MURRELL,  Social Worker + Restorative Justice Coordinatortmurrell5@schools.nyc.gov

FLAVIA MULLIGAN, SAPIS School CounselorFmulligan@schools.nyc.gov

ELENA OLIVERO,  Paraprofessionaleolivero@schools.nyc.gov

ROGER PADILLA,  Paraprofessionalrpadilla6@schools.nyc.gov

LAURA QUINN,  Speech TherapistLquinn@schools.nyc.gov

CAROL RODRIGUEZ,  Librarianirodriquez8@schools.nyc.gov

WADIYYA SALAAM,  Paraprofessionalwsalaam@schools.nyc.gov

RODNEY SANDERS,  After-School Director with Manhattan Youth  rsanders@manhattanyouth.org

COREY VARGA,  School Psychologist (Will be at LMC only on Tuesdays & Thursdays) |  CVarga@schools.nyc.gov