Online Learning Letter to Parents and Students

March 20th, 2020

Dear Students and Families:

I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for your patience as we plan our Remote Learning Program. We are getting new information each day, and like you, we have many unanswered questions. However, LMC is in a great position as we are using Google Classroom for our Remote Learning, and almost every class in the school was already on google classroom! We’ve spent the past three days learning some new techniques and creating a rigorous online curriculum for students.

We will officially begin online learning on Monday, March 23rd, 2020. All students will use their Google Classroom accounts to receive assignments, communicate with teachers, and turn in work. Students will need a computer and internet access to complete their work. Many students are also very tech-savvy and know how to use Google Classroom on their phones, XBOX, and PS4!  If you are not connected to your child’s Google Classrooms and would like to be, please email your child’s advisor and request that you be added.

Our Plan

Teachers will begin posting assignments and communicating with students about assignments beginning Monday morning at 9 am. Below is a schedule of students in each grade for when assignments will be posted each day, as well as a list of office hours when teachers are accessible for conferences, feedback, and support on the lesson. All materials will be posted on google classroom.


Please click on the links below to view the appropriate schedule. In the schedule, you will find teachers’ office hours, posting days, and email addresses.

6th Grade Schedule and video welcoming you to online learning by Ms Goodell (please watch!)

7th Grade Schedule

8th Grade Schedule and video welcoming you to online learning by Mr. Ng (please watch!)

Office Hours

Every day, teachers will have “office hours” where they will be interacting with students online through emails, comments, and feedback on work.

Special Education and Related Services

If your student receives counseling, speech, SETSS, or other special education-related services, you will hear from those service providers directly over the coming days.


Each assignment posted will follow the format below so that it is clear to students and families what is required.

Expectations for Students

Students are expected to complete all assigned work by the posted due date. Teachers will be available to respond to student questions during office hours if students need support with the content or technology of the lesson.


Students are expected to complete all assignments posted by teachers. They will be scored using our LMC work habits and academic rubrics and grading policy, and Jumprope will be updated at least once a week.

We’re entering a new world of digital learning, and I am sure there will be bumps along the way. However, we are confident that our Remote Learning curriculum through Google Classroom will allow students and teachers to stay connected and continue to learn.


Shanna Douglas

Principal, LMC

 FAQ- Guardians

1. What is Google Classroom?

Here are a few videos for you to watch for a quick lesson: (a quick overview) (a more in-depth look at GC)

2. How does my child access Google Classrooms?

Your child has to use their email. They can access google classroom through google apps, by typing in “” into the address bar, or clicking on the email from the teacher (students receive email updates when something is posted on google classroom)

2. Will parents have access to Google Classroom?

If you would like to see your child’s assignments and work, you can use their email/password or email your child’s advisor and request that you be added to their Google Classrooms.

3. What if my child forgets their email password?

Email your student’s advisor. They have instructions on how to help students reset their passwords.

4. Will there be tech help available?

Yes. LMC teachers are pretty tech-savvy! Please email your concerns to a teacher, and they will do the best they can to help.

5. How will grades be given?

Teachers will still be assigning, collecting, and assessing student work. Continue to check Jumprope.

6. Other than the work posted by teachers in Google Classroom, is there homework?

There is no additional homework other than the work that will be posted in Google Classroom. At times, this may include portions of independent practice time, but there will be no separate homework assignments. It’s all “homework” at this point! 🙂

7. Spring Break is coming up. Will assignments be posted over Spring Break?

No, there will not be daily assignments posted over spring break, April 9 – 19th.

8. What if my child cannot complete an assignment within the time frame provided?

Please be in touch with the appropriate teacher during their office hours, and we will help you to problem solve the issue! If your child is sick, then email Cynthia Savino.

9. Will attendance be checked virtually?

Yes, attendance is checked through Google Classroom. We will notify you of any “virtual absences”.