PTA Meeting Minutes from 9/26/18

President’s Report: Nicki Francis

  1. LMC PTA’s main mission is to support the Principal, Teachers and Staff to benefit the educational growth of the kids
  2. Direct Appeal is the largest fundraiser outside of the May Auction
    • Asking $400 but 100% participation is the goal
    • Option to donate online via LMC website
    • You can donate monthly and throughout the year
    • Corporate Matching : LMC PTA is 501(c)3
  3. Volunteering
  • Auction in May – need volunteers
  • Library – need volunteers
    • You can contact Viola regarding volunteering in Library
  • Scholastic Book Fair – held also during Parent Teacher Conference time –need volunteers
  • You can volunteer by going on the LMC’s website – Volunteer Button
  1. Community Engagement
    • Come to PTA meetings to engage communities together!
  • PTA meetings are approximately 45 minutes
  • Workshops
    • Today’s workshop is about Jumprope. Douglas and Mr. Ng will run the workshop
    • If anyone has an idea of a workshop they are interested in…please let PTA know
  1. Elections
    • Members-at-Large – 3 positions
      • New incoming families eligible to help out as well and attend PTA Executive and PTA General Meetings
      • Only 3 nominees: Brenda Ng, Paul Feldsher and Archana Vats
      • Members elected: Brenda Ng, Paul Feldsher and Archana Vats
    • SLT – 2 positions
      • 4 nominees: Paul Feldsher, Archana Vats, Alison Clarke and Felicia Williams
      • Each nominee introduced and spoke briefly about themselves
      • Members voted, tally & elected: Archana Vats and Alison Clarke
  1. School Directory will be coming soon and next meeting is October 17th.


Assistant Principal’s Report: Shanna Douglas

  1. Principal, Kelly McGuire, had to attend Principal’s Meeting and therefore unable to attend PTA General Meeting today.
  2. Keep a look out for LMC Newsletters
  3. 7th & 8th Grade has a different log-in for Jumprope
    • Student email & ID#

Note: Ms. Douglas and Mr. Ng stayed at the end of meeting for Jumprope workshop.


Treasurer’s Report: Stephanie Green

  1. Budget Report
  • July 1st – June 30th PTA Fiscal Year
  • Changes from 2017-2018 to 2018-2019
  • Raising funds this school year to be spent next school year
  1. Proposed Budget
    • Increase budget from $131,390 to $144,500
    • Increases:
      • Curriculum Support – Music Department
      • Student Activity Support – anticipating more after-school and workshops
      • School Community Support –workshops, refreshments, translators for Parent-Teacher Conference
      • Staff Appreciation, Chinese Banquet, and Jumprope
  1. Proposed to add new line item into Curriculum Support Section of the budget– Jumprope.
    • PTA will vote next month.