Presidents’ Report: Nicki Francis & Hope Flamm

  1. Nominating Committee
    • Chancellor’s Regulations
      • Form Nominating Committee
    • If anyone is interested in being a part of the Nominating Committee or want to be a candidate, let them know.
      • Nicki and Viola will be part of the Nominating Committee since their child is graduating.
        • A nominating committee member cannot run for the Executive Board.
  1. Dance Fundraiser
    • Debbie Ziola organized a fundraiser on Saturday, March 16th.
      • $25/adult and $20/child
  1. Staff Appreciation Day
    • May 16th – ½ Day for Students
    • Teachers and staff stay all day at school.
    • It is a thank you feast for all the teachers and staff.
  2. Auction
    • May 3rd – Adults Only
    • Alcohol will be on premise.
    • Need more donations and more volunteers.
    • One more month for ANY donations.
    • You can fill out a donation form or a PDF online.
    • Need donations of Beer.
      • You can order from Fresh Direct and send it to school.
    • Still seeking corporate sponsors – last year $2,000
  3. Budget
    • Last month, added new line item- Capital Improvements
      • New Shades on the 7th Floor
      • New Curtains in the dance room
      • Wayfinding Signs – next month
      • Outdoor LMC Flag Project – still in process.
    • Increased items for School Community Support and Staff Appreciation.
  4. Swag
    • Thank you Val for creating the Swag Merchandise.
      • Orders have come in and will be distributed soon.
  1. Graduation Yearbook
    • Photo taken/chosen from Picture Day will be the picture printed in Yearbook.
  2. Math Night
    • Bake Sale/Pizza and Swag will be available.


Principal’s Report: Kelly McGuire

  1. Reminder Math Night is March 14th.
  2. Community Day – March 15th
    • Students visit local businesses and organizations.
    • Permission slips will be distributed.
  3. Parent-Teacher Conferences
    • Still in the process of scheduling.


Special Guest: Charlotte Gibson

Owner of Mini Mindful Minds and Happinest NYC

  • Meditation/Mindfulness Practice
  • 3 minute meditation with present parents/caregivers.
  • Q & A session with parents/caregivers.


Submitted by: Maggie Chin