PTA Meeting Minutes from 11/14/2018

President’s Report: Nicki Francis & Hope Flamm

  1. Thank You!!!
    • Jen Wood
    • Val G. – Thank you for helping prepare LMC merchandise and orders.
    • Freddi F. – Thank you for helping organize and collecting orders.
    • LMC Community – BIG Thank You to all for helping fulfill 100% of the Wishing Wall!!!
  2. Open Classrooms
    • November 15th, 8:30am – go into classrooms to see what is happening inside and there will be a debriefing afterwards.
    • February 1st – Chinese Banquet/Talent Show at Jing Fong
      • 3rd Annual year
      • Auditions will be happening soon.
    • May 3rd – Spring Auction
      • This event is the largest fundraiser for LMC.
      • Kate will be running the auction with guidance from Nicki
      • November 30th – Auction Meeting – if you are available to help or solicit donations.
  4. Thanksgiving – LMC LUNCHBOX – November 21st
    • Thanksgiving Buffet for the entire school.
    • PTA will buy turkey and other items for the lunch.
    • Parents can donate other food items before 11AM.  Preferably sent in the morning.
    • Any delivery of food can be sent to 81 New Street, Room 613
    • Student Council will serve and help prepare the food.
    • LMC can keep food warm or warm up food.

Treasurers’ Report: Samantha Roberts

  1. One Run – 5K race
  2. Special Donation from LMC parent to be used towards Special Physical Improvement Projects
    • Indoor & Outdoor Signage
    • Light/Heat Shade for classrooms
    • Fans for classrooms
    • Redesign of cafeteria tables
  3. Direct Appeal/Matching Opportunity
    • August 31st – $10,000
    • #GivingTuesday
      • Special Donation from family who is pledging $5,000 and corporate matching if we can get 100 families to participate.
  4. AmazonSmile
    • Please use the link on LMC website.

Auction Team Leader: Kate

  1. Auction Meeting on November 30th.
    • You could volunteer at your own time.
    • Meeting will be approx. 30 minutes.
    • Largest fundraiser of the year. Please keep a lookout for future email.

Special Guest: Maura Griffin

  1. Brief history of how ICT developed.
  2. Brief explanation of what ICT is and how teachers plan and prepare for ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching).
  3. LMC does a wonderful job of ICT and Best Practices.
  4. Explanation of how ICT classrooms meet a variety of learners at LMC.
    • Co-Teachers meet 3 times a week to prepare with great support from the Principal.
  5. Explanation of “Co-Teaching Models”
    • Researched based methods for arranging the environment and for grouping students to maximize learning.
  6. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Principal’s Report: Kelly McGuire

  1. Parent Teacher Conference
    • The student will be a part of the conference.
      • Students will be able to articulate more from 6th Grade to 8th Grade.
    • 6TH Grader – Goal would be reflecting work, as a student, and general work habits
    • 8th Grader – Goal would be to take and analyze assessments throughout the year and to prepare for High School.
  2. Survey will be sent out after Parent Teacher Conference to find ways for improvements, etc.
  3. Teachers have begun collaborating on individual students and how a student is progressing.
  4. Each conference is 15 minutes.  There will be an Open Conference Time to talk to individual teachers at the end block time.
  5. PTA will provide translators for individual conferences.
  6. Special Thanks to Joanne Wong for helping.


If you have any workshops that you would be interested in, please reach out to the PTA.

Submitted by: Maggie Chin