PTA Meeting Minutes from 10/17/2018

Principal’s Report: Kelly McGuire

  1. Today, Chile Educators sent from the DOE will visit LMC to observe classrooms.
  2. Come to Open Fridays or PTA Meetings to share and learn more about what happens inside classrooms.
  3. Measures of Student Learning – MOSL
    • BOY (Beginning Of Year) MOSL
    • 4 MOSL Assessments throughout the year – Reading, Math, Science, and 1 on 1 assessments
    • January MOSL – make sure student is progressing/learning/growing
    • MOSL is a part of a teacher’s evaluation
      • McGuire & Ms. Douglas goes into classrooms approximately 20 times a year to observe classrooms and rate the teachers 6-12 times throughout the year.
    • 387 kids in the school
      • Grade teachers cannot grade their level student’s work. i.e. 6th grade teacher could only grade 7th or 8th grade work
    • Sample of a 6th Grade Math MOSL test and scoring rubric rating explained.
  4. HEDI Rating explained.
    • City and DOE agree to this rating system

Presidents’ Report: Nicki Francis and Hope Flamm

    • Shelley – LMC Website
    • Pam – Social Media
    • Lana – Student/Parent Directory
    • Kate – Spring Auction
  2. October Meeting
    • Volunteerism
      • Middle School does not have as many volunteer opportunities as Elementary School, so thanks to those who do volunteer!
    • Link at the LMC homepage to volunteer
      • This link forms a database for the PTA as to what skill sets are out there and needed.
  1. Book Fair
    • 1 Scholastic Book Fair a year.
    • Week of November 26th-30th
      • Also the week of Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • Runs during school hours
    • Humanities and ELA teachers bring their students to shop during the day
    • Teacher’s Wish List for their classroom is posted at the Book Fair.
    • Seeking Volunteers for the Book Fair – currently, Hope is working on it and she needs help
    • Some duties could include receiving books, setting up and working the cash register
  2. Bake Sale Team
    • Viola currently runs it
    • Seeking volunteers
    • May – ½ Day-Teacher Appreciation Day—bake/cook for teachers and staff to show them how much we appreciate them!
  3. Library
    • Seeking volunteers to put the books back into shelves – contact Ms. Carol
  4. One Run 5K
    • October 28th, Sunday – Rain or Shine
    • Diane (former LMC parent) partnered up with 5 other schools to raise money for their schools.
    • Link on LMC homepage to sign-up
    • Seeking volunteers to take care of the booth
  5. SWAG merchandise
    • We have 2 parents who are helping create LMC designs on merchandise
    • Pre-Order system
    • Seeking volunteers to take orders/log-in orders and distribute orders
    • Math/Humanities Night – seeking volunteers to sell the merchandise
  1. Auction – May 3rd
    • Kate is leading the auction
    • Silent Auction
    • Need 10 volunteers to help function the auction
    • Need 2-3 people to seek financial donations from Corporate
    • Marketing Materials
      • Graphics background/visual image
    • Food Team
      • Soliciting food
      • Hire caterers and/or negotiate prices
    • Teacher Time
      • Spend a day with a teacher
  1. Middle School Tours
    • If you’re happy with LMC – tell people about it
  2. 6th Grade Parent Social
    • October 24th at Da Claudio’s – 6:30-8:00pm
    • Cash Bar
  3. Witch’s Ball
    • October 26th
    • Cafeteria decorated, Student DJ
    • Parents can send in snacks/chips – no soda
    • Costumes can be worn
  4. Chinese Banquet/Talent Show
    • February 1st –Save The Date
  5. Jumprope
    • Jumprope workshop tomorrow night (10/18) at 5:30pm – English & Chinese
  6. Wishing Wall
    • Keep an eye out for backpack form
    • It can be found on the LMC website and the deadline is November 2nd.
  7. Next PTA meeting – Wednesday, November 14th.


Treasurer’s Report: Stephanie Green

  1. Special Donation was made to LMC for $100,000 from an LMC Dad
    • This is not included in Direct Appeal so a Special Donation line is in the budget report
    • McGuire has a Wishlist for some school upgrades, and costs are currently being researched on those items.
  2. PTA VOTE: Add Expense Line Item for Jumprope
    • PTA voted in favor to add expense line item for Jumprope – $7,300
  3. A reminder that income earned this year is to be used for the following school year.