PTA Meeting Minutes from 1/16/2019

President’s Report: Nicki Francis

  1. Seth Kritzman, LMC Guidance Counselor
    • March 15th Community Day-World of Work
      • If anyone is interested in describing and talking about their profession – please reach out
  1. February 1st – Talent Show/Chinese Banquet
    • Tickets must be purchased in advance
    • Deadline is January 25th
    • Accepting ticket donations for a teacher or performer
  2. Auction – Kate & Shelly will lead the auction
    • Seeking volunteers to help – reach out to Nicki or Kate
  3. Swag Merchandise
    • There is a deadline purchase
    • Preorder sales
    • Please check backpack or purchase at in school store
  4. Budget Modification
    • Will vote at next meeting

Treasurers’s Report: Stephanie Green

  1. Proposing ammendments
    • Will vote at next meeting
    • Proposing to raise a budget line item to $3,200
    • Staff Appreciation
      • Currently $5,500…need to increase to $8,500
  1. Special Donation – $100,000
    • Add line to expenses/Capital Improvements
    • Capital Improvements
      • Dance room curtains
      • Lunchroom tables
      • Interior signage
      • Hallway shades – controls light and heat

Special Guest: Sean Grover

Teen Psychologist – Q & A session with parents/caregivers.



Submitted by: Maggie Chin