Student Council Campaign 2023

Each year LMC candidates are eager and motivated to make a difference and this year is no different. Posters have been up at LMC and candidates are preparing their campaign speech in town hall this week in order to get their final votes in. Good luck to those who are running for office!

Campaign posters with Illustration from students who are running for student council

Daisy B., London H., Teo O L.

Vice Present
Samir S., Averey K., Skylar C., Charlie M.

Michael G-M., Charles F., Sammy F.

8th grade rep
Emma B., Nico A., Chanz C., Lili K., Josh H., Nola G.

7th grade rep
Maverick H., Luka C., Beckett P., Sequoia I C., Ilario F., Dessa N., Ty G., Graham H.

6th grade rep
James C., Victoria C A., Yimainnys J G.,Christopher A., Piper W., Elsa W., Josephine E.

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