Spring Break Update 4/7/2020

 April 7th, 2020

Dear LMC Families,

Today, we received more clarity from the DOE about our responsibilities during  Spring Recess April 9th-April 17th.  I am aware that these delayed plans impact us in many ways; however, I want us to consider taking the week of April 9th-17th to recharge emotionally and connect with your child through a shared activity.  I am also excited to see how our students are going to respond to activities that ask them to connect to others on and off-line, explore some new places virtually and push creative abilities.

Spring Recess Activities:

  • Activities are project-based and allow for family engagement.

  • Each LMC subject has been assigned a day to post an activity or a selection of activities for students to complete in each grade. Students only need to visit the Google Classroom of the subject featured on that day

    • Thursday 4/9: College and Career Readiness: Looking Forward to My Future- *6th graders will visit Humanities Google Classroom for assignment and 7th and 8th graders will visit ELA their Google Classrooms. 

    • Friday 4/10: Arts- Spring Break Family Fun with the Arts!

    • Monday 4/13: Science Exploration- Science

    • Tuesday 4/14: Create, Compute and Community Day- Math

    • Wednesday 4/15: Health and Wellness Day- Physical Education

    • Thursday 4/16: World Languages and Culture- *6th graders will visit Humanities Google Classroom for assignment, 7th and 8th graders will visit Social Studies Google Classroom for assignment. 

    • Friday 4/17: The Power of Words- Humanities and ELA

  • We will not give an academic or work habit score for assignments, but throughout the day we will review, comment and collect student work. They can also be completed at any time throughout the week, so have some fun with the selections.

  • Students can also use this time to catch up on any missed assignments from the previous week, step away from the screen, or bake cookies and mail them to Ms. Douglas (I prefer Chocolate chip).

Additional School-wide Activities:

  • Advisory is back!

    • This week, we are creating Advisory Google Classrooms. (Students will or have received an email with an invite)

    • Day and Time: To accommodate the varying schedules of teachers and students, the day and time will be left up to the advisor and advisee.

    • Advisories will meet on Google Meet 1-2 days each week.

    • April 13-17, we will have our first Advisory Lesson

    • If we build it and they don’t come? The advisor will let you know the day and agreed upon time so that you can encourage your child to attend.

  • Virtual Lunch

    • We are inviting each grade to join us for virtual lunch at least twice during the week.  More details will be shared in this weekend’s newsletter.

  • Manhattan Youth

    • With Zoom no longer an option (I know, I know!), we now need to reconsider how Manhattan Youth Activities will be presented to students.   More details will be shared in this weekend’s newsletter.

Other Updates this week:

  • Remote Learning has been extended until April 29th, 2020 by Mayor Di Blasio.

  • Spanish and Algebra Regents Exams for 8th graders are canceled.

Thank you for your patience,

Shanna Douglas


Lower Manhattan Community Middle School