Roller Skating Trip at Brooklyn Bridge Park 5.26.17

What is the hardest thing about learning to roller skate?

The ground. Last week, students took part on a school wide community day adventure to Brooklyn Bridge park. The student council helped organize a roller skating event on behalf of 380+ students. Everyone was having fun. People had lunch, roller skated, played basketball, played on the swings, etc….. People roller skated, even if they did not know how to. People learned to roller skate through trial and error. People also had fun doing other things such as playing basketball, and running around. In the playground, LMC expressed plenty of joy swinging back and forth on the swings or simply relaxing on the fields. The weather turned out to be extremely well, while we did all these fun activities with supplementary joy. Our day became a beautiful day, after experiencing more adventures and activities.
There were a lot of people eating lunch with their friends and teachers. It was an extraordinary and fun day. We thank all the teachers and staff, and our principal, the children of LMC thank you for letting this day happen.

John L, Piper K, Logan Y, and Brian H

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