Preparing to Go Fully Remote 11/13/2020

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Dear LMC Community,

Our mayor shared that we now have 121 patients admitted to the hospital,  916 new cases  and the infection rate 7-day average is 2.83% It was said that when the city hits 3% schools will go to full remote instruction.  At LMC, we are now in preparation mode for full remote instruction.

How are we preparing for this transition?

  1. We will use Mailchimp, Family emails, student emails and We Chat to communicate with students and families once a decision has been made.

  2. On Monday, students will participate in an advisory lesson about Remote preparation.

  3. We are working on a fully remote program, which means that students will have access to more live classes on a daily basis.

What will remain the same at LMC?

  1. School hours will not change.  We begin at 8:45 am and end at 2:15pm on a daily basis.

  2. Office Hours will not change.  They will be from 2:15pm to 2:30pm.

  3. Students will still visit Google Classroom Homerooms to access their schedules.

This transition will have hiccups, but it will be a smoother one than what we experienced in March.

Thanks for your patience,