LMC School Reopening Update Part 4: 7/12/20

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Hi LMC Families,

I hope you and your family are resting, recharging, and exploring. We know that our children will be the most successful if they are emotionally secure and are given an opportunity to learn new things. So whether it is reading a new genre or learning how to cook, let this be the summer of exploration.    

Before I share our school reopening updates, let’s celebrate some of our Digital Arts students who participated in the Divercity Lens project.  LMC is only one of two middle schools that participate in this program that is dominated by high school students.  Selected photographs are hung in Tweed for 6 months, but it’s now fully digital.  Congratulations to Matthew S., Leena Y., Ryan L. and Presley H.Y.  Check out their work HERE! (pgs 68-72)

As we continue this journey together in preparation for the reopening of school, here is the most updated information.

What We Do Know:

  1. The DOE will provide families with a sign-up tool from July 15th – August 7th so they can opt into full remote learning.  You will only be allowed to opt back in at certain times throughout the year.

  2. To ensure social distancing at school we will use a cohort-based approach to planning.

  3. Our goal is to have at least ½ – ⅓ of students in the building at a time while keeping in mind health and safety guidelines.

  4. Students will remain in classrooms or in their cohorts during the school day.  


We will finalize the program model in late August, but at this moment are considering Model 1A and Model 2 when creating the school’s program in September.

The model used will prioritize the safety of staff and students, the number of students we can accommodate on a daily basis who are able to practice social distancing and health/safety guidelines and the number of teachers that can be utilized.  

FYI: The DOE floor plans state that we can accommodate for ½ capacity, however, after meeting with our chief engineer and taking into consideration items in the room (smartboard, desktop and printer desks, shelves and bookcases) this information is not accurate. We are looking at a ⅓ of our school population. 

 Our Next Steps:
– Creating the traits of student cohorts and drafting an actual program that reflects Models 1A and 2.
– We want to hear from you, so please submit your questions or concerns about the school reopening HERE

Thank you for your patience during this time,



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