LMC PTA Meeting Minutes from 9/27/17

September 27, 2017 – PTA General Meeting 

Nicki gave an introduction who we are as a PTA and what we do. Stephanie discussed the Annual Fund – LMC asks for $400 per family which puts us in the middle of what most middle schools ask. This is about what the PTA spends per student. The PTA serves to help support Kelly, the school and the staff. We aim to have 100% participation so any amount is welcome. Give online through the Donate button on school website homepage or by check to the main office.

Volunteering – many opportunities. We have a form on the homepage that you can offer your help. Really need an auction chair to take over for this year. The other big opportunity to be an arts liaison for digital arts & music.

Elections for Members At Large will be held today. Elections for SLT were also held today.

Members At Large Nominees:

  • Keith Klein
  • Shelby Banks
  • Hope Flamm
  • Sonia Hebel


SLT Nominees:

  • Felicia Williams
  • Samantha Roberts
  • Natasha Spivey


The vote was tallied and the following have been elected:

Members At Large: Keith Klein, Shelby Banks, Hope Flamm

SLT: Samantha Roberts, Natasha Spivey

Mr. Geballe gave a presentation on JumpeRope. More information can be found on the website under the JumpRope link in the top navigation.


Please submit any additions or corrections to the PTA Executive Board.
Meeting minutes can be found in the PTA folder in the Main Office after each meeting.