LMC Humanities Night 2017

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The third annual LMC Humanities Night was held this past Wednesday. Thanks to all the teachers for organizing this event as there were so many activities for students, parents and guests to choose from. Activities ranging from Are You Smarter than a 7th grader? to Debate Tennis, to Synonym Bingo and don’t forget about learning how to salsa with Mr. Vargas. Many people were expressing their feelings and wrote a postcard to our new President. The best of all was reading everybody’s pieces when students took aside time from school last week and dropped everything and wrote. – Ava K. 7th Grader

The 2017 Spelling BeeeeEe Winners
1st place – Lucas Boticelli Glas (602)
2nd place – Jack Pattarini (703)
3rd place – Tie! Christy Guo (801), Duncan Occhiogrosso (804)

A clip of Mr Geballe debating against Dash and Ashil on “Why the pen is not mightier than the sword.”

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