LMC Family Math Night – 3.14.18

As luck would have it, Family Math Night was celebrated on Pi day, 3.14, this year. What a turn out, as the event was filled with many fun activities that incorporated mathematical reasoning, problem solving and grade appropriate math skills. Kids were having fun with their parents, both challenging their thinking to learn grade-higher math. Students participated in the pie-eating competition, reciting the pi digit contest, or played other activities, like dancing puppies, 24, math twister or what numbers their birthday appear on the pi digit line. Not to mention, a new LMC record was set for the most pi digits recited – 519 digits to the right of the decimal point by pi-xtraordinarie John L.

-Piper K.

1080p from Digital Arts LMC on Vimeo.

LMC Record – Recited 519 Digits from Digital Arts LMC on Vimeo.

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