LMC Community Day 1.27.17

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LMC students and staff took part in the fourth community day of the school year last Friday. With a wide range of activities and service each advisory group took the opportunity to learn and give back to the community. Students helped from entering food orders on iPads and then packaging up those orders as the tickets came up; Watched a documentary, Hunger in America, and then wrote letters to the City Council Committee for General Welfare for increased funding for the Food Bank of NYC; Prepared for planting in the Spring by perfecting their green thumbs; Had a representative from Water aid come to talk to them about sustainable ways to provide access to clean water and how to raise awareness; Read to third graders at PS 130; Made dog toys, adopt me signs for shelter cages, and preparing for CookieBucks; Delivered sandwiches to common pantry; Wrote letters to Senators, Congressmen, and to the LMC community to spread information and support the national passage of Aidan’ Law; Went to Barnes & Noble to buy children’s books in Spanish for The DREAM Project; Volunteered at the Bidawee Animal Shelter; Visited the Crown Heights Mediation Center; Went to PS 124 with their personalized bookmarks and children’s book to give to each kid; visited the African Burial ground in Lower Manhattan.

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