Grade 6 Trip to the Bronx Zoo 2018

Last Tuesday, the class of 2021 went to the Bronx Zoo. Here are some of the comments left from a 6th grade class.

  • The Bronx zoo was an educational trip from learning animals adaptation to animals predators to prey. SM
  • It was great seeing monkeys and learning about the different food webs. MM
  • At the Bronx Zoo I saw a gorilla punching the glass. AM
  • I was able to touch a lizard and it had spikes on its tail. KP
  • We got to see the peacocks walk around during lunch. NS
  • It was really fun because we saw a lot of animals RL
  • We weren’t able to see all the animals in their habit because of the climate. DH
  • It was fun and educational to examine all the different skulls and see the different types of teeth. AGV
  • I enjoyed seeing all of the different species in the zoo in their almost natural habitats, and I learned about all of the different animals the zoo shows you, such as the gorillas and the monkeys, and the snakes and turtles. SF
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