End-of-Year Update#1- 6/19/2020

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Dear Families:

I hope you are all doing well and being safe.  It was great to see a few parents at yesterday’s Meet the Teacher event through Google Meets.  Below are a few community clarifications and updates.


  1. The BLM Children’s March shared in yesterday’s letter to parents is not sponsored by LMC. However, it is sponsored by public and private schools in the city, UFT, Teachers Unite and nycore.  Many families have asked how to respond at this moment and protesting is just one option that you have.  Also, thank you to those who have shared pictures or sent emails about their family’s activism during this time. “White Fragility” is now on my summer reading list after a parent’s recommendation.

  2. New Classes: New classes are shared with families and students in August.

  3. Rising 7th Graders Art classes- New 7th graders will be made aware of their art cohorts on June 26th by email.

  4. After-School: There will be no after school activities next week.

Last week of School:

Teachers will post-independent activities for students to complete during the last week of school.  This is also a week dedicated to curriculum planning, professional development around Blended Learning, and clerical work.  Unfortunately, the DOE has not given us the funds needed for these important planning sessions in July and August as they have done in the past.

Official Report Cards or Transcripts:  

To access student records directly, you need to visit My Student DOE account.  If this is your first time accessing this account, please visit the Students Accounts page for guidance. Grades will be posted by June 26th.

Homework Assignments: 

Summer assignments allow students to review main concepts in a given subject and to explore new ones.  These assignments also provide teachers with key information about students’ understanding.  All assignments are located on the LMC website by clicking on the Summer Assignment tab or  HERE.

School Fees:

For the first time in my nine or more years at LMC, we have agreed that $25. increase in our school supplies fee is needed to help us with purchasing online subscriptions needed for blended learning in the fall. We are now asking you to pay $75.00.  Payments can be made HERE

I will be around for much of the summer and can be reached by email.  I will continue to keep you abreast of any changes.    Thank you!