BioBus visits LMC

On Wednesday, June 21st the BioBus visited LMC. Ms. Frizzle, I mean Ms. Dole’s 6th grade science class boarded the bus and were able to use five high-powered microscopes to observe daphnia and other organisms. Daphnia live in freshwater ecosystems. They are multicellular organisms that eat microorganisms such as bacteria and algae. 601 collected organisms to look at under the microscopes from the puddles on New Street. 602 and 604 observed one of the daphnia give birth under the microscope! We are grateful that the BioBus came to visit LMC and taught our eager scientists about ecology.

IMG_9671 IMG_9646
IMG_2065 IMG_9641 IMG_9649

IMG_2068 from Digital Arts LMC on Vimeo.