At LMC we have 4 classes of students at each grade level (6, 7, 8) for a total of 12 classes and approximately 370 students. Each year we admit around 120 students, 20 of whom have Individualized Education Plans (IEPS) for Integrated Co-teaching (ICT) support services. The process for applying to LMC is as follows:

    • Beginning in early fall, take a tour of our school or attend an open house. Dates and times will be posted on our school website in September.
    • In early December, submit your middle school application to your elementary school guidance counselor. You will have the opportunity to rank up to 5 middle schools.
    • In late January LMC will receive the names of students who have listed our school in their ranking. LMC staff will reach out to those families who have ranked our school as either their 1st or 2nd choice. These students are invited to participate in an interview with an LMC staff member in early February.


  • Students attending interviews will do the following:
    • Engage in a face to face interview
    • Participate in a group problem-solving exercise
    • Share a piece of student work, talent, or other item representing something that the child is proud of. Be prepare to speak about this during the interview.


  • When the interviews are completed LMC staff will submit a ranking of students to the District 2 placement office. It is from this list that the incoming class of 6th graders is created for the following year. The criteria used to create the ranking include:
    • Student performance during the interview
    • Student attendance
    • Teacher reports submitted by the child’s 5th grade teacher as a part of the middle school application


  • Families and students are notified of their middle school placement in May.


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